Kotor - viewpoint Njegusi - stop for tasting homemade prosciutto, cheese and wine and taking photos - back to Bay towards Tivat and beach Movida - speedboat ride and short boat swimming near St.Marco Island - boat ride between Tivat's islands - panoramic ride of Porto Montenegro - pass through Verige Strait - Mussel's farm stop for tasting freshly harvested mussels and oysters - panoramic ride of Lady of the Rocks and old town of Perast - ride back to Kotor

Tour duration up to 5hrs

Optional additional stops that prolongs the tour accordingly:

- Our Lady of the Rocks

- old town of Perast

- Porto Montenegro

- city walking tour of old town of Kotor

KOTOR - The Old Town of Kotor, over 2000 years old, with its Venetian palaces, churches, museums and squares lays in the shadows of the fearsome St. John’s Hill and the walls protecting this town are a fortification masterpiece. It is located on the only natural fjord of its kind in the world and in a bay that has made the list of Most Beautiful Bays in the World. Kotor’s Old Town, trapped in time, is a maze of cobblestone streets. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have put Kotor on the UNESCO’s World Natural and Historical Heritage Site list.

FAMOUS SERPENTINES - The back road leading from Kotor, up the slopes of Mt Lovćen to the old Montenegrin heartland is quite possibly the most memorable of any in the country – both for the incredible views and for the hairpin turns up the hill. Often described as one of the world’s most scenic routes, the road between Kotor and Cetinje, whose first part to viewpoint Njegusi, and a restaurant with a terrace of million dollar view, you will visit with us, is certainly jaw-droppingly beautiful. This road was built in 1879 by the Austro-Hungarians. It involves driving around 25 hair-raising hairpin bends as it rises steeply above the bay, each switchback providing increasingly gorgeous views across whole Boka Bay. Feel the cool mountain air as you zig-zag up the slopes for several kilometers that turns back and forth high above the Bay of Kotor giving spectacular views with each turn and each one revealing a view more impressive than the last. At the top, the views stretch right over the bay and all the way to the sparkling blue Adriatic beyond.

TIVAT'S BAY AND ITS ISLADS - two most beautiful islands in Tivat's Bay are the Island of St. Marco and the Island Our Lady of Mercy. The Island of St. Marco had a name of St. Gabriel and there was a church with the same name there since the very old times. According to the legend, since the early times this island was known by its charming nature and fragrant pine trees growing on the coast of the Adriatic. Today, it is mostly abandoned, making the island an exotic and mysterious destination. Just next to St. Marco there is another small island. The smallest one of the Krtoli archipelago, an islet known as Our Lady of Mercy or Školj and it is one of the most beautiful sights in Tivat Bay. It is the less famous ‘brother’ of the Boka’s other island, the shrine Our Lady of the Rocks near Perast. However, unlike Perast’s island which was artificially created, Tivat’s island has a natural origin. On this small islet (it is only 150m in size) is a Franciscan monastery and church dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, which was built in the second half of the 15th century.

PORTO MONTENEGRO is a Montenegrin coastal wonder. This nautical village with a marina, five residential buildings, numerous restaurants, cafes, boutiques, a super modern swimming pool and other amenities that make up the city in the city is a unique affirmation of interest and tourists.  Located in the beautiful UNESCO Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro is a spectacular, world-class yachting destination.

MUSSELS & OYSTERS FARM where, in a sun shade with magnificent views of the Bay, you will have an opportunity to sample freshly harvested mussels and oysters together with some homemade tasty wine. Shells add to each meal the smell and taste of the sea, sun and relaxation. Whether the shells are light or dark, shellfish dishes are not only very tasty but also visually impressive. “Sea farmers" are responsible for the cultivation of oysters, and it takes a few years before shellfish reach the tables around the world. When the shell is properly opened, the award is a special delicacy that has been appreciated since ancient times. If we add that each shell has a different taste, the invitation to enjoy the magic of shellfish dishes should be justified.

OUR LADY OF THE ROCKS is a manmade islet. In 1452 two sailors from Perast discovered a picture of the Virgin Mary perched upon the stone jutting out of the bay. Around the legendary stone, citizens of Perast began to sink old ships and transported stones to the site for over 200 years, creating the Adriatic Sea's only artificial island where they subsequently built the chapel of Our Lady of the Rocks in 1630. Because of its supreme importance in the region, hundreds of rich gifts were donated to it, including 68 oil canvases by many famous Baroque masters and over 2,500 gold and silver tablets, thought at the time to ward off disasters.

PERAST is one of the most beautiful small old towns in the bay, with its sixteen Baroque palaces and its seventeen Catholic churches and two Orthodox churches. One of the biggest churches in Perast is the church of Sveti Nikola, built in 1691, and it impresses with its bell tower which is 55 meters tall and whose bells in 1713 were the biggest in Europe. The old city does not have a defensive wall, but instead it has nine defensive towers, all set in stone.

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