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Experience supreme traditional Montenegro food and breathtaking scenery during your Safari Off-Road routes 

Total tour duration: from 4.5h to 8h depending on the route 

Legend has it that there were once two fairies, in a time before this time, right when God was creating our world; and as he got tired, he sent away each of them to share beauty and ugliness around the world, as per their will.  

One of them was named Primorka (eng. Coastal Fairy) and the other Planinka (eng. Mountain Fairy), one carried warm Mediterranean breeze in her hair, and the other sharp cold mountain wind. As they were overwhelmed by their doings, they did not notice each other when they found themselves over the mountain Orao (eng. Eagle) until their hair intertwined, and not being able to fly anymore, they fell on a cliff.  

Time was passing by, and their tiredness was disappearing as they were looking at the beauty that they so unexpectedly poured in one place; thus this sight was consuming them more and more and they could not take their eyes off it. Finally, they hugged, looked at each other and suddenly kicked the rock in front of them and there was an open cave. - May this be our eternal home! - They both said out loud. And so, fairies fell in love with Grahovo, and Grahovo loved them back. 

 Who knows how much time has passed since the time when the world was created, but Vilina Pećina (eng. Fairy Cave) is still gazing upon that beautiful field from the high cliff, right somewhere above Brana Grahovska (eng. Grahovo Dam), and is telling a story of the creation of this unreal beauty, which fairies lavished this area with. Did fairies really got carried away or simply nature played with its creativity, it does not matter in the end, for those who visited Grahovo once, it stays carved in their memory forever as a place that is simply different from any other place in everything, including its beauty. Even the lake, which was built in 1962, as probably the only stone dam in the world, found its place in this beauty as it had always
belonged there.
As much Grahovo was defined by its nature in one completely different way, just as much the man emerged from a black mountain soil, which has been land washed for thousands of years, and from blue sharp rocks that give stronger sparks than a flint, and along with sparks the flame elusive just the same.  

To witness and enjoy this breathtaking scenery, we offer you four off road routes: 


Risan curves (old road) - Fortress Dvrsnik – Arboretum - Grahovo Lake – end of safari and time for traditional Montenegro lunch 

Length of the route: 50km 

Duration of the route: 3-4hrs 

"Beautiful as a fairy, wise as a snake, braver than a lion, with man's heart in her chest" - this is how the history remembers Queen Teuta whose name is inextricably linked to our start point of the Boka Bay route - Risan. 

Taking the old road that gives you an open view at one of the most beautiful bays in the world, we will continue to the Fortress Dvrsnik. This challenging old road, while passing by old concrete cisterns built during the Austro-Hungarian rule, will take you to hill Dvrsnik at the height of 1176 above the sea level, with the fortress that was built in the period between 1910 and the end of World War I. This impressive fortification will be a true revelation during your visit. 


Fortress Dvrsnik - Arboretum – Grahovo Lake - end of safari and time for traditional Montenegro lunch 

Length of the route: 32km 

Duration of the route: 1-1.5hrs 

"Ajde da se primiš, pa da zorimo tobom!" - "Come and wait for the dawn with us!" is and old saying related to a family estate which today represents a natural monument and the first protected natural facility in the territory of Nikšić Municipality. You will then visit Arboretum, following which you will stop at the Grahovo Lake, which can be walked around in 40 minutes, and you will enjoy tamed scenery in the middle of the ridged relief. At one moment, in front of your eyes the view at the sunny valley will open at only 3 km from our neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it will show you villages Zaslap and Nudo. Continuing via curly village road, we will return to our base for traditional lunch. 


Arboretum - Grahovo Lake - Village Zaslap - Village Nudo - end of safari and time for traditional Montenegro lunch 

Length of the route: 32km 

Duration of the route: 2hrs 

A route you will certainly wish to start your unforgettable adventure with! 

Grahovo Lake is a Montenegrin jewel hidden in the lower part of Grahovo Field, and is an artificial lake bordered by a 30m long dam. Road will take you further through coniferous forest to old villages Zaslap and Nudo which consist of only 20 households. Each household produces its own wine of a unique taste, whilst the landscape takes your breath away. Birth house of national hero Savo Kovacevic is located in the village Nudo, and you will finish your tour with lunch, sharing your experience while savouring national gastronomic bites. 


Village Grahovac - Sveti Spas Church – Grahovo Lake - Arboretum - end of safari and time for traditional Montenegro lunch 

Length of the route: 15km 

Duration of the route: 2hrs 

You crave for adrenalin? Then this is the route for you! 

The essence of village Grahovac is hidden in historical monuments and landmarks (Sveti Spas Church eng. St. Saviour was erected in honour of the great battle in 1858), which you will visit, and the road that you take will literally shake you. 

After visiting the Church and contemplating magnificent view at village Zaslap, do not miss to visit Grahovo Lake and Arboretum which is a must for every guest of Grahovo. You will finish your tour with a meal, to taste and breathe in the tradition that will take you back to some wonderful past times. 

 So, everything that you see while passing through Grahovo and this part of Montenegro represents a very live history, a completely different life, a sort of a time machine that enables you to enjoy the unspoiled nature and feel at the same time a breath of past times and unceasing battles. It is not the kind of history that tells you of a certain time or an event, but a witness to unusual place and people who live the same way the wind lives in the hair of those fairies, freely and untamed. 

 All tours start from Kotor (or if you are staying somewhere else please let us know). You will be taken by private car to the starting point of the route you have chosen, accompanied by a tour guide and after finishing safari and traditional lunch you will be taken back to the place where you were picked up. 

Tour includes: Transfers in private car with driver, fuel, licensed tour guide services, off road safari ride, traditional lunch: 

       Starter: hot sausage-kulen, dried pork neck, sausage, smoked sirloin, kajmak, olives, cheese, goat cheese, beef prosciutto, ajvar, pie, homemade prosciutto.   

      Main course: Lamb under the bell with roasted potatoes, Veal under the bell with roasted potatoes 

       Dessert: Cake 

Does not include: food and drinks not mentioned in the program, personal purchases or tips 

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