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Kotor –  famous Serpentines road – stop at  22nd  hairpin bands for photo shoots – pass through Njegusi villageDobrska Celija Monastery – Wine tasting (about 2 hrs) -Kotor 

Duration:  about 7 hours

Additional – on request: Gastronomic delights by joined efforts – discover the secrets of traditional Montenegro specialties during cooking classes 

FAMOUS SERPENTINES - The back road leading from Kotor, up the slopes of Mt Lovćen to the old Montenegrin heartland is quite possibly the most memorable of any in the country - both for the incredible views and for the hairpin turns up the hill. The serpentines with those 30 hairpin turns, are a particular architectural relic. It is also one of the most famous hairpinned roads in the world. Feeling the cool mountain air as you zig-zag up the slopes for several kilometers and then you'll reach that famous 22nd hairpin turns (but all of them are famous as they offer the most beautiful panoramic views of Boka Bay), that turns back and forth high above the Bay of Kotor giving spectacular views with each turn and each one revealing a view more impressive than the last. At the top, the views stretch right over the bay and all the way to the sparkling blue Adriatic beyond. 

 NJEGUSI - With the mountains hovering all around and fields of wild grass covering every square inch of the land, the character of this small mountaintop village, in southern Montenegro within Cetinje municipality, shines through. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lovcen, within Lovćen National Park at 1,111 meter above sea level. This village is best known as birthplace of Montenegro's royal dynasty of Petrovic that ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918. Njeguši, while quaint, is very famous for its smoked ham (prosciutto) and local cheese (called Njeguški sir and Njeguškipršut) as well as for its well-preserved traditional folk architecture. 

DOBRSKA ĆELIJA MONASTERY - The village of Dobrska, among other things, is known for the Monastery of Celija Dobrska, which belongs to the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral. Initially, the Monastery was a cell - solitary confinement during the wars, hence the name "Cell". Only later did it grow into a monastery complex. The Monastery was built in the 15th Century in times of Ivan Crnojevic, and it is considered to be a metoch of the Cetinje Monastery. "Dobrska ćelija" was dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God and it is also known as a "Church of the Holy Mother." The monastery's residence is of particular architectural value, with the ground floor being constructed in the form of a series of arches, made of fine stone. Konak is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved examples of folk architecture within the sacral complex. 

The Metropolitan of Cetinje, Sava Očinić, was buried in the Monastery. The members of Montenegro's royal dynasty, Danilo I Petrović-Njegoš and Petar II Petrović Njegoš attended school at the Monastery. Petar II Petrović Njegoš opened a national school in 1842 in the Monastery in Dobrsko Selo, as the second open school in the then free part of Montenegro. The school operated in the monastery until 1948. Unlike other monasteries, the Turks didn't damage Dobrska ćelija and there are no records that it has been ever burned or damaged. 

WINERY & VINEYARD – The Winery and Estate are situated in a little village known as Dobrsko selo which is settled in a spacious and deep cove in between the three hills at an altitude of 350m. Once a well-known area, today the village is a standing monument of what Montenegrin traditional villages used to look like. Due to its positioning, this village has the right climate and extremely fertile land.   

The Estate is comprised of the vineyard and vinery, where an extremely old variety is grown, exclusive to the territories of this region. The variety which is almost extinct and thus unknown today. The one which will be offered to you at the winery. Therefore take your time and get to know Tamjanika, black and white, the internationally renowned, excellent variety which is highly regarded in the world of Pinot Noir. This variety is a true feast for one’s nose and taste buds. While those who know of Tamjanika have a hard time matching the taste of wine to its aroma, we believe here they have bridged the gap. But it is up to you to prove them right. 

Winery holds black and white Tamjanika in different regards. Black Tamjanika is somewhat like the holy variety, the holy grail of wine. It is named after the thyme that can be found in its traces. It is the heart of the Vinery that you will know it best for. But white Tamjanika holds a secret worth keeping away from the prying eyes. 

Each bottle of wine tells its own story. The first sip begins, and each subsequent sip continues, writing chapter after chapter. 

So, this is the place where you’ll drink excellent wine, carefully curated by some of the esteemed experts in the field. The place you’ll remember for its hospitability, authentic decor and a feeling of belonging to a much-forgotten art of joy and love for simple yet delicate pleasures in life, such as a great glass of wine. 

The dream of founding this estate rested on their love for wine and desire for the life we all consider worth living. The one being lived with nature and within it, while staying humble before it. 

Program of the visit: 

Duration up to 120 minutes 

- Vineyard tour,  

- Cellar tour,  

- Welcome drink – homemade Brandy,  

- Tasting 3 to 5 wines of your choice and preferences, 

- Traditional Montenigrin snack  

 Additional – on request: Cooking school
Gastronomic delight prepared by joint efforts. Your cooking day would start with a tour in the
vineyards, wine cellars and then a tour of our organic gardens and orchards. After meeting with
the estate, you will be introduced to the chef with who you determine the desired recipes that
you would like to learn and taste - namely the appetizer, main course and dessert. Then, with the instructions and accompaniment of the chef, you start discovering the secrets of the specialties. When the dishes are prepared, there is an expert evaluation of the dishes and the chef will suggest perfect match with the wines.
Maximum 4 people. 

 This tour can be booked with licensed tour guides speaking English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. 

The tour can be modified (shortened or pronged) to suit your personal preferences and adjusted according to your wishes. 

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