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KotorSavine WineryBlue Cave (or just boat swimming) - Our Lady of the RocksPerast or Mussel farm lunchKotor 

Tour Duration: abt 7 hours 

SAVINE WINERY – Not many people think of wine when they think of Montenegro. So at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, above Savina Monastery, lies the Savina winery, of Obradovic family, with their sun-soaked vineyards today bearing fruit much like they did back in the 18th century. The winery lies there, tucked away in lavish Mediterranean vegetation, in an idyllic coastal and woodland setting. In the Republic of Venice Land Register map, dating back to 1753, the family discovered that their estate was called ‘Villa di Meljine’ with the entire stretch of Savina planted in vineyards and known as ‘terra vignata’. This was an additional reason to embark on the renewal of the tradition so they have carefully picked the finest grapes from their vineyard and have nurtured the wine in French oak barrels and these efforts have resulted in top-notch quality SAVINA wines. 

This is one of the things that make Savina Winery so unique and lust-worthy. As there are very few wineries in Montenegro, it makes their wine very rare, and tasting this rare wine for yourself is a must. 

Visiting Savina Winery includes wine tasting, an assortment of homemade canapes, and tasting local Grappa digestive together with a tour of introductory story of the winery’s history, production process and visit to the cellar and vineyard. If you are looking for something different to do in Montenegro, head to Savina Winery for quality wine, great views, great people and incredible experience. 

BLUE CAVE - Famous for the iridescent blue that’s reflected throughout the cave, the Blue Cave is one of Montenegro’s most popular attractions. The Blue Cave at Lustica Peninsula is one of the most popular attractions visited by tourists. It’s called Blue Cave because the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up through the water, makes the whole cave look blue. You can see the blue light shining out of the cave when you approach, but to really see it you’ve got to go inside and get into the water. The Blue Cave is impressive and you can enter it only by boat and you’ll see the beautifully illuminated water, seemingly from the bottom of the sea. 

OUR LADY OF THE ROCKS - An artificial island Our Lady of the Rock is the most important catholic sanctuary in the Bay of Kotor. The island grew around a small crag rising above the sea where, as the legend holds on June 22, 1452 the icon of Holy Mother of God was found. Generations have deposited stones and scuttled old ships to form the island that has today grown to 3000m². The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even nowadays. Every year on the sunset of July 22, local residents take their boats and throw rocks into the sea, widening the surface of the island. It is one of the most beautiful Maritime Museums in the world! The walls of the church are covered with more than 2.500 silver votive plaques donated by sailors representing their gratitude to Virgin Mary for keeping them alive on the sea. 

PERAST - is a fascinating baroque old town in the Bay of Kotor with rich maritime history, countless baroque stone palaces and two jewel-like islets in front. The town itself resembles an artistic and carefully planned mosaic put together by dozens of grand stone palaces, churches, houses, squares, stairs, plateaus, fort on the hill and two islands in the sea. You will have a chance to choose, to have lunch here, in this lovely town in one of the best restaurants in the bay, on a beautiful seafront terrace, or 

At an authentic MUSSEL AND OYSTER FARM, in the sun shades, with magnificent views of Boka Bay, where you will taste and enjoy these freshly harvested mussels and oysters. And trust us, your senses will be delighted. When the shell is properly opened, the award is a special delicacy that has been appreciated since ancient times. Shells add to each meal the smell and taste of the sea, sun and relaxation. 

The tour can be modified (shortened or prolonged) to suit your personal preferences and adjusted according to your needs and wishes. 

The speedboat captain has the right to cancel, change, shorten or abort the tour at any time if safety of the passengers is at risk in case of bad weather.

PLEASE BRING: a bottle of drinking water, a sun screen, sun glasses, a hat, bathing suit, towel, camera and extra money for coffee, snack and/or souvenirs.

This tour can be booked with licensed tour guides speaking English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

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