Naslovna Tradition of Boka Bay

Kotor - old seaside town of Prčanj - cooking school in monastery (guests are taught how to prepare and cook the traditional Bokelian dish) - while the dish is being cooked, guests are taken to visit  the surrounding areas of the village including the Virgin Temple ,one of the largest sacred object in the Adriatic region.-  After you return, you will  enjoy  the prepared meal in the ambience of the medieval palace - return to Kotor.

Duration:  up to 4 hours

PRCANJ - Visiting Prčanj, you will enter a totally different world. Just like many other villages on the shores of Kotor Bay its prosperity was based on maritime activities, on marine shipping, its fast ships and skilled seamen. One of Prcanj's most primacies is that it's the birthplace to Ivo Visin (1806), a sea captain, the first South Slav who circumnavigated the world with its sailing ship "Splendido". For this undertaking, he was decorated with a flag of honour "Merito navali" by the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, the greatest Austrian maritime decoration ever awarded. Prčanj gave numerous scientific workers, artists, sea captains, medical doctors, musicians, politicians, priests and bishops, who have left deep traces in the history of this settlement, and beyond. 

COOKING SCHOOL - Let us give you an opportunity to taste the life of a long time ago through first-hand experiences. Come with us and become a citizen of the middle ages. Located in Prcanj, on the coast in a beautiful and fully preserved monastery, a cloister built in the late 18th century dedicated to St. Nicholas, the only and last preserved monastery of its kind in Montenegro, offers an absolutely unique ambience that tourists here have not had a chance to see. Just as women cooked in medieval society, you will have a chance to experience and enjoy some of the old traditional Bokelian dishes.  

With the help and guidance of an experienced lady (cook) you will prepare the meal, learn about the ingredients and maybe even hear some secret recipe that was used in that time and the medieval room, where all this is taking place, will make the whole event even more special. 

THE VIRGIN TEMPLE - One more monumental edifice in Prcanj is The Virgin Temple dedicated to the Birth of the Holy Virgin, built in the Renaissance - Baroque style, according to the design of the Venetian 18th century architect, Bernardino Macaruzzi. Space-wise this is the largest sacred object in Boka and one of the largest in the Adriatic region. In the treasury of the church, there are numerous artworks of famous painters and there is also the honourable flag "Merito Navale," which Ivo Vizin received from the Austrian emperor in 1859 as the first sailor who sailed the world under the flag of Austria. 


This tour can be booked with licensed tour guides speaking English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. 

The tour can be modified (shortened or pronged) to suit your personal preferences and adjusted according to your wishes. 


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