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Experience an unparalleled journey with Kotor Speed Boat Tours VIP Service, where luxury meets adventure, and your every desire is our command. Elevate your stay in Montenegro with our exclusive services tailored for those who demand the epitome of comfort, discretion, and efficient time management.

Surround yourself in luxurious setting as our carefully chosen services redefine luxury travel. Our commitment to discretion ensures your privacy, allowing you to unwind and create unforgettable moments without a worry.

Our experienced team, driven by a passion for excellence, is ready to turn your dreams into reality. Whether it's crafting a personalized itinerary, providing VIP amenities, or fulfilling unique requests, we pride ourselves on delivering beyond expectations.

Seize the opportunity to make the most of your time in Montenegro. With Kotor Speed Boat Tours VIP Service, your stay becomes a seamless blend of pleasure and efficiency. Let us pamper you with a variety of services, promising not just a trip, but an unforgettable, tailored experience.

Your journey begins with us — where every moment is a celebration of luxury, exclusivity, and the extraordinary. Experience Montenegro like never before with Kotor Speed Boat Tours VIP Service, where perfection is not just a promise; it's our commitment to you.

Services that we provide:

  • VIP – Premium transfers and Luxury Cars in Montenegro

Enjoy a touch of luxury with our premium transfers and luxury car services in Montenegro. We make your travel easy and stylish, offering comfortable rides with our skilled drivers. Whether you're arriving or departing, our well-maintained fleet and professional and friendly drivers promise a hassle-free and classy experience against the beautiful backdrop of Montenegro.

  • VIP Charter Yacht in Montenegro

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea as you embark on an unforgettable journey along the stunning Montenegrin coast with our charter yacht experience. Our all-inclusive package goes beyond sailing, providing you with an exquisite adventure filled with luxury and convenience. This experience not only offers the freedom to explore but also comes complete with professional hostesses ensuring your every need is met. Relax as our dedicated staff takes care of every detail, from catering to music, creating an unforgettable sailing experience. Whether you prefer a quiet anchorage or the vibrant atmosphere of different ports, our experienced crew will navigate and moor the yacht to suit your preferences. Enjoy your extraordinary adventure, where the sea breeze, stunning views, and unparalleled service combine to create memories that last a lifetime.



  • VIP Tours and Excursions in Montenegro

Explore the beauty of Montenegro and its pristine landscapes along the coastline and inland with our VIP tours. Take your experience to new heights by renting a speedboat, yacht or a helicopter and enjoying a marine or aerial view of the stunning wild nature. Dive into the heart of Montenegro with our exclusive inland tours, showcasing the hidden gems of the landscape. Whether boating along our beautiful coast, flying over coastal wonders or exploring inland treasures, our VIP tours offer a unique adventure, highlighting the diverse and picturesque features of Montenegro.


  • VIP Reservations in Montenegro

Treat your special someone to an unforgettable experience with our VIP reservations in Montenegro. Create magical moments with a romantic dinner set against stunning sunsets, whether aboard a luxurious yacht, a charming sailing boat, in a winery or on the secluded beaches of Boka Bay. This exclusive experience captures the essence of romance, offering a touch of elegance inspired by the historic traditions embraced by noble families during the Middle Ages in the Venetian Republic. Additionally, enjoy the option of having your private chef serve delectable cuisine, adding a personalized culinary touch to your intimate getaway.

At Kotor Speed Boat Tours, our team goes above and beyond to make you feel absolutely magnificent! Feel like royalty with us, while we strive to make your experience truly glorious!

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