Fishing Adventure

Private Boat Tour - Kotor Bay

Fishing Adventure

Duration: 3 hours minimum and up to 8 hours (optional)

Are you looking for some peaceful and quiet time at the sea with your friends waiting to 
catch a fish? Is fishing your favourite hobby or you just want to try your luck as a fisherman? Fishing in Kotor is an experience that you have to try, whether you are an aficionado or just enjoying this activity because of unique landscapes, rich sea depths and fish diversity. This adventure in Kotor is something you simply have to experience! Kotor Speed Boat Tours organizes all the details regarding spots, time, equipment and everything you may need to enjoy your favourite activity. Fishing is among the most popular forms of alternative tourism around the world. So, embark on our boat, take a fishing rod, your beloved ones and enjoy the fishing tour that will give your favourite activity a whole new dimension. The long tradition of local people fishing, various fish species and unforgettable scenery with hidden coves and beaches will make your fishing experience in Kotor something you will cherish forever!
If you are not really keen on fishing but you wish to accompany your friend in our Fishing Tour then you should know that there are some interesting things for you to do on board! You will be able to enjoy the unique landscape of Kotor Bay and beautiful sunrise while others are trying to catch fish. Moreover, the boat is comfortable and you can sunbathe and relax as you are sailing the calm waters of Kotor Bay. Enjoy the nature or get a tan on a deck while waiting for those lines to start ripping.

You can fish in two different ways during our adventure, with rods known also as sea angling and traditional hand fishing. Hand fishing is the simplest, but also the most natural way of fishing (it is very common in our country). It takes nothing else to a nylon and hooks. Almost every fish can be caught by this method, if you find the right place and behave properly.

We provide:

-fishing rods

-Baits - natural baits may be alive and/or dead

-soft drinks and water 

to make sure that you have a pleasurable stay with us and that you go home satisfied with your catch and our service.
Times when you can go on a tour are early in the morning at about 6 am (or earlier) for real fishing fans because of the possibility of a bigger catch and unforgettable sunrise views. But if you are not an early bird you can go on a tour later during the day and enjoy sunbathing onboard while waiting for a fish to bite.

Targeted species:

Sea Bream, Seabass, Bogue, Two Banded Sea Bream, Amberjack - Yellowtail, Black Sea Bream, Gilthead Sea Bream, Striped Sea Bream, Sharp Snouted Sea Bream, Shade fish, Goldline, Sargus, White Sea Bream, Mackerel, Skomber, Spet , Dentex, Comman Sea Bream, Squid Cuttlefish, Red Scorpion Fish, Sea Eel, Saddled bream..

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