Forte Rose

Rose is located at the end of the Lustica peninsula, at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor and it is a treasury of centuries old turbulent past.

There were always battles for this piece of paradise ... At the point where  the strategically most favourable spot is  and where Lustica dives into the sea, there is Forte Rose, the fortress that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian period.  

Today, Forte Rose is a fortress welcoming everyone. A place with authentic spirit of a coastal village, with peace that only distant places have, far away from the "modern coast". The places we dream about...Forte Rose’s beautiful fortress is recognizable for its spectacular views of the Bay of Kotor, white stone pathways and arches, oleander flowers and secluded beaches. Forte Rose is the perfect escape, ideal for a relaxing holiday filled with exceptional dining, water activities, cultural sites and time for you.
With the restaurant that used to be the lighthouse for the bay, which serves  local food, the best fresh fish you will ever taste, the sweetest wine, homemade bread, juicy olives, hand picked fruit… There you will be born once again –  under the sun, right in front of the waves, tall pines, white stone and narrow, quiet streets…and if you stay long enough, breathtaking sunsets…

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