NJEGUSI VILLAGE – With the mountains hovering all around and fields of wild grass covering every square inch of land, the character of this small mountain top village, at the altitude of 900 m above the sea level, in southern Montenegro within Cetinje municipality, shines through. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lovcen, within Lovćen national park. Njegusi consists of a spacious field, while the houses were built in an oval formation, which is a specific type of architecture for old villages in Montenegro. This village is best known as birthplace of Montenegro’s royal dynasty of Petrovic that ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918. One can visit the house in which Njegoš was born. It is located near the road passing through the village. This is a small stone house, very simple and modest, but everything in it reminds that a great man lived in it. The exposition presents not only household items, but also literary works, among which the first edition of the poem “The Mountain Crown”, printed in Vienna in 1847. Here you can see the portraits of Njegoš, his bronze bust of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović, as well as the genealogical tree of the Petrovic family. At present, his relics rest near the village in the Mausoleum of Njegos on Mount Lovcen.

Njeguši, while quaint, is very famous for its smoked ham (Njeguski prosciutto) and homemade cheese (called Njeguški sir), natural mountain honey and for its well-preserved traditional folk architecture. Now the village has become a real tourist town, with a population of just less than 50 houses and about 200 people. You can also see how this meat is done here, buy as a souvenir a whole leg or try the prosciutto in local taverns (home restaurants).

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