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Kotor – St. Marco Island – Ship wrack near Risan – Mussels farm – Kotor 

Tour Duration: 4 – 5 hours

The waters in the Bay of Boka are calm and steady which makes them perfect for boats and other water activities. So give us an opportunity, and let us enrich you with one more experience in your life…come snorkeling with us in Montenegro’s most distinctive waters, since their bottoms, apart from the amazing nature and wildlife, are a home to numerous shipwrecks that have been laying there for centuries. Montenegro is a real jewel with its blissful beach towns. The clean waters are rich in marine flora and fauna that make snorkeling in Montenegro an activity which everyone would enjoy. Snorkeling is a combination of swimming and diving that everyone can be a part of. It is a popular activity among tourists, and some have even called it a variation of a “sea safari” since it provides the experience of observing the underwater wildlife in its natural habitat. Apart from this, by snorkeling in Montenegro waters you will be able to experience an amazing view of underwater wildlife and participate in a popular activity that is fun and easy, which means that everyone can enjoy it. 


First we will take you to Tivat’s bay where you would have a chance to go boat swimming near the islands away from the crowds and then, near the island of St. Marco you would go snorkeling. The underwater life is so amazing down there, and if you are lucky, at the sandy sea bottom in the warm and crystal clear water, you will have a chance to see lives a protected species of mollusks, the large clam Pinna Nobilis. Leaving Tivat’s bay behind, our next snorkeling stop would be ship wrack Tunj. It is located in the part of the bay near Perast. A perfect place in Montenegro, as currently the ship is in excellent condition. This military tugboat was built in 1954 and it was in the ranks of the naval forces of Yugoslavia. The ship lies at a small depth, so is suitable for snorkelling. During the dive on a military tugboat PR-38 "Tunj" you can see crabs, octopus, cuttlefish and other underwater inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea. 

Still under the impression of underwater life and everything you have seen, our captain will take you to the last stop of this incredible adventure along Boka Bay, to one authentic Mussel and Oyster farm. "Sea farmers" are responsible for the cultivation of mussels and oysters, and it takes a few years before oysters reach the tables. When the shell is properly opened, the award is a special delicacy that has been appreciated since ancient times. 

 At the farm, in the sun shades, with magnificent views of Boka Bay, you will have a chance to taste this "sacred food" according to the great artist Balzac. Anecdote says that he ate ​​at least one oyster a day because he saw them as a source of inspiration, and once, he had eaten 365 oysters during one meal “for the year to be fruitful". So, in order to have a fruitful year ahead of you, and to enjoy these freshly harvested mussels and oysters, you will be taken to a place where your senses will be delighted. Shells add to each meal the smell and taste of the sea, sun and relaxation.  


The tour can be modified (shortened or prolonged) to suit your personal preferences and adjusted according to your needs and wishes. 

The speedboat captain has the right to cancel, change, shorten or abort the tour at any time if safety of the passengers is at risk in case of bad weather.

PLEASE BRING: a bottle of drinking water, a sun screen, sun glasses, a hat, bathing suit, towel, camera and extra money for coffee, snack and/or souvenirs.

This tour can be booked with licensed tour guides speaking English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

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